My Boats for Sale

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Your boat will also be uploaded to, and if you engage us to sell the boat for you.

On this basis the My Boats For Sale team will attend to the following:

* Provide an appraisal of potential sale price – comparison report
* Advise on preparing and presenting the Vessel for sale
* Internet advertising - myboatsforsale, boatsonline, yachthub
* e brochure - containing detail information about your vessel*
* For Sale Sign*

and for an additional very reasonable fee (commission), we will:

* Conduct inspections and sea trial (as required)
* Negotiate between owner and potential purchaser
* Take deposit from Potential buyer (monies held in trust)
* Obtain written offer on contract
* Arrange slip for hull inspection and survey (as required)
* Attend handover of vessel/settlement

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*NB: Conditions apply. My Boats For Sale will only list boats located in Marinas on Corio and Port Phillip Bay.